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to rule the desert

Set along Route 40 in the American Southwest, this debut novella loosely retells the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice through a queer women's lens. Ava and Quinn find themselves at odds with the strange specters that haunt the desert and one very important abandoned roadside motel during a roadtrip-gone-wrong, and must fight across the dangerous landscape to find one another again.

After a journey that brings new knowledge and resurfaces old memories, Quinn and Ava discover that they might be missing a few sentences from their collective narrative — a fact which threatens to bring about the downfall of them both.

Explore the classic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice as reimagined through a queer lens in a desert gothic landscape from poet and writer Monica Robinson, as she weaves a world of desert haze, fever dreams, and literary impossibility.



while to rule the desert is of course available for purchase through The Spiral Bookcase as are all of my works, I've also partnered with an additional array of indie bookstores and other traditional avenues to distribute this work as widely as possible.

A Novel Idea

Giovanni's Room

One More Page Books

Barnes and Noble



Half Price Books

Under the Umbrella

coming soon: 

lit on fire

Maude's Paperwing Gallery


collaboration with old growth alchemy

based on to rule the desert, Old Growth Alchemy has created a tea blend that "brings this desert gothic to your cup. A bold and rich black tea curls with smoke from lapsang souchong as the toasty flavor of hojicha offers up something of the dusty heat and haze of the desert. A kiss of lavender swirls through each steeped cup as an ode to the sapphic lovers. Let this tea coax you along as each word drips off the page and onto your tongue."

explore all of Old Growth Alchemy's teas, including this limited-edition collaboration, here.

photo by Old Growth Alchemy.

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