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  poetry / prose  

  • "a letter lost": a poem

        Moss Puppy Mag

  • "in which i walk into the woods and briefly consider my return" and "mo(u)rning song": two poems

Free Verse Revolution

  • "a botched exorcism and a failed home invasion":
    a satirical short story

Maudlin House

  • "in which i walk into the woods and do not return": a poem

Wyrd & Wyse

  • "girl. arm full of stars.": a speculative prose piece
    Thimble Lit Mag

"after the yellow wallpaper": a short story

Coffin Bell Journal

"this is the end, beautiful friend.": a speculative poem


"the forest is hungry too": a Midwestern Gothic short story

Cotton Xenomorph

"the things we inherited from our mothers were bone bright and brassy": a three-part poem

Osmosis Press

"after the flood": a queer supernatural love story

Ghost Orchid Press

"the poet at the end of the world, in which the end of the world takes the poet": a poem


"sun, to stand still": a speculative folklore short story

Eternal Haunted Summer


“woman, but as a love letter to myself & my lover both”: a pride poem

Southchild Lit

“how to become a god”: a poem

Ice Lolly Review

“life as religious allegory”: a shape poem


“rage”: an essay poem, forthcoming


  • “prayer, face-down on the fake hardwood in the dark, 4:15 am.”: a shape poem

Stone of Madness Press

  • “before the tides turn”: a micro prose

Stone of Madness Press

  • “Tolkien And Tarot: How Frodo Undertakes The Fool’s Journey In LOTR”: a thinkpiece


  • “to Pamela Turner and her unborn child”: a justice poem


  • “the forest that feeds”: a Midwestern Gothic horror short story


  • “the plum poem”: a satirical short story

The Daily Drunk

  • “garden fire”: an experimental prose poem

Confessionalist Zine

  • “Catherine Howard covers her black eyes in white lead”: a prose poem

Persephone’s Daughters

  • “Eulogy”, “Opportunity”, “The Renewable Vow”: mixed media and ink art poetry prints

Cold Coffee Gallery

  • “anatomy of a burning thing”: a flash fiction piece about the human psyche

CrosswaysBlanket Sea, and Bending Genres


“Creating Life”: a still-life art photograph
Persephone’s Daughters

“Girls”: a mixed media human rights collage
Persephone’s Daughters

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